Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Power of Red

The Power of Red 2.0

Red. It represents passion, fire and courage. It's bold, daring and sexy! After looking at a few spreads devoted to red accessories in Elle Canada, I started thinking: Red is the ultimate power colour! I don't know about you but I can't help but feel like I rule the world when I'm rocking red! When I'm primping for a girls night out I love to go for a bold red lip (paired with a neutral eye of course!). It's bold, classic, sophisticated AND fun! A red handbag makes for an excellent pop of colour as does red jewelery. A pop of red electrifies any outfit. Need a mid-winter pick me up? Try a red scarf! This past winter the Olympics were held in Vancouver, British Columbia (Go Canada!). The red Olympic mitten craze began. I'll admit; i bought a pair and I absolutely love them! My ULTIMATE red fashion choice? Two words:

Red. Stiletto. 

The red stiletto is, in my humble opinion, the sexiest shoe known to man! Rocking a pair of red stilettos pretty much screams "I'm here, biznatch!" It is, in my mind, a necessity for any fabulous diva!

I will definitely be incorporating red into my fall/winter wardrobe. What's life without a little pizazz?

Red is sexy, glamorous, classic and fierce!

How will you rock your red?  


  1. I loved the Dree Hemingway shoot from Harper's Bazaar. Head to toe red...daring but so fashion-forward. Just did a post on my blog about it. Hope you will drop by and say hello, and follow. I am following you as well :)


  2. hey i know you showed interest in a blogger feature. i was wondering if you could give me your email or something? it's much easier that way :) contact me at

  3. Oh yeah! Red is always in style!

    Best, Jenny

  4. I don't know how daring I will be... Maybe a red lip? We will see, love the red stiletto though. Lovely blog :)

    <3 Alison

  5. For some reason I am drawn to the color red now. Weird. I hated years ago. Thinking about saving for a red scarf (like over a 100 bucks on Etsy)....weird.

  6. website is

    It's 5:30 in the morning here. My bad


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