Monday, August 30, 2010

Losing Style in Fashion

"Style is the perfection of a point of view"--Richard Eberhart

You know that feeling when you want something really really badly? You'd do anything to get it. You'd work as hard as you could. Well that was how I felt about a certain fashion site. It was exclusive and I wanted in more than anything! I worked hard planning my looks and the photos to go with them. I was confident with what I was submitting! So where's the problem? It lies in the mentality I had. I was trying to please this group of people that don't even know me or my real name! The look wasn't my own--what I would actually wear; it was what I thought would sell. I know this is just my story, but I feel like this is a huge problem today. People can lose their personal style in pursuit of fashion.

I'm not a fashion designer. Heck, I can't draw to save my life! If I attempted to sketch an outfit, it would probably look like a patterned potato sack--or the work of a three year old. I don't have to sell my designs to make a living. My clothes are simply that--my clothes. They're for me. They express who I am. That's what clothes should do. In my opinion, clothes are an extension of the person wearing them. They should express who we are inside. Really, that's what any art form does! Personal style isn't meant to please everybody. If it pleases you, that should be enough! It doesn't always feel that way though. It can be tough.

So I vote we band together! It's okay to be unique; in fact, it's absolutely beautiful! Never lose who you are because someone tells you that you can't wear knee socks over pantyhose along with your favourite pumps! 

As for right now, wherever my style ends up--be it on a webpage, in a magazine, on tv or in the mirror in my bedroom--I'm fine with that. My style is my style. It's personal, ever changing and unique. It will not change for anyone. It represents who I am and what I do. My style is me.

Here I am.


  1. true that. good post.

  2. This is nice to read. I find too often everyone just posts about what is trendy and what everyone else is doing. I was just working on a post like this for my own blog.

  3. I love this :)... you have a great point!

  4. definitely personal style and love is always the way, if you like new trends then thats cool cos you genuinely like them but when you stop wearing them because they're not in or whatever or wearing it just because it is in now thats just stupid!

  5. i agree, that was well said! i just think that everyone has to be creative and take risks. just experiment with what you have and be YOU.

    feel free to visit my blog and follow if you like! ;)

    cins [design3rd]

  6. I love the leather jacket and boots, in the third picture :)

    Xo Ryley

  7. you look great :D
    DaisyLine from

  8. Lovely blog. I found you through IFB and I can tell that you have a great sense of style.
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  9. You can't spend your life chasing after trends. It's bad for your wallet, the environment, and your psyche to always want something else just because everyone else has it and you want to be like everyone else.

    I largely skipped out on the motorcycle jacket, black leather, studded everything, badass hip downtown girl look that was so ubiquitous, only buying pieces that would integrate well with what I already have. (Studded belts look fantastic with girly dresses.) And now what are the fashion editors proclaiming? The end of what I described above and the return of ladylike glamour. Fashion comes and goes in cycles and the length of these cycles is becoming shorter than ever. It's so much better to find your own style. :)

  10. This post was awesome and so true! I love the pictures that you posted of yourself they look real and genuine!


  11. props to this post! your style is you. . an original creation :)

  12. Nice post...i always try to be true to my style, i dont really care about other people not liking it. Our own style makes us unique and that is always goooood :P

  13. I stumble your blog through IFB, I love the blue dress you look like Jessica Rabbit *cute*
    Im your new follower

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