Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fall Trend Report: Colour

CREAM,BEIGE,BROWN,GREY,BLACK- These fall staples have returned once again! Since they are neutral, pairing them with pops of other fall colours will build your fall wardrobe! 

SILVER,GOLD- Hints of metallics will spice up any wardrobe! 

PURPLE- Dynamic purples and plums are a great fall colour choice! They are sophisticated, fun, rich and vibrant! Purple is a recurring fall favourite! 

BURGUNDY, WINE, RED- Burgundy and wine are awesome fall colours that are creeping into more and more stores every day. Pops of these colours are great additions to any fall wardrobe. While browsing through Aritzia, something caught my eye...RED! Some designers had used red accents in their fall lines. It seems so many people rely on neutrals to get them through fall and winter, surviving...no....enduring the colder seasons and waiting until they can wear colour in the spring. It doesn't have to be that way! I think adding bright red to your fall wardrobe is a great idea! This is definitely one trend I will be adopting! 

DEEP AQUA AND BLUE- These colours are great for the summer-fall transition. They can be staples now and accents in your fall wardrobe! This season, I'm seeing deep aqua and royal blue in many stores. 

ARMY GREEN- This fall colour trend goes hand-in-hand with this season's tribal/African trend and is quickly becoming a staple! 

PINK- Muted pink is hands down my favourite fall colour trend! It adds a feminine touch to any ensemble. Add it to your wardrobe in the form of accessories or clothes and instantly soften any look. Brighter pinks were seen in GUESS as accents on otherwise black and white shirts. This created a feminine rock chic--a staple of their fall collection. 

PLAID- Plaid shirts were huge last year and appear to be back. I haven't seen as many as I did last fall, but I'm sure they're on their way!

The Pantone fashion colour report for fall 2010 has been released and here are the top colours for fall 2010!

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