About Me

So who's the author of this blog? Well, I'm a university student with a passion for fashion (cliche, I know!). When I'm not blogging or studying I love to horseback ride! I'm also a world champion martial artist and third degree black belt. I love to ice dance too! Basically, I love to be active! 

So how about fashion? BurberryBound's the name! Fitting, considering that's how it all started! Ever since I can remember, I have wanted one accessory: a Burberry nova check cashmere scarf. I knew I'd have to start small, so I began lusting after the latest fashions at my local mall. I worked my way up; every step fueling my desire and passion.

Developing my personal style took time...lots of time! My style is constantly changing. I love pairing masculine pieces with feminine pieces. I love walking out my front door feeling comfortable and powerful. I love style and I love fashion. As for now, I'm still Burberry bound but I'll get there one day. You'll see!

My fave brands: Wilfred, Talula, Community, Theory, Elizabeth and James, and TNA

Much Love,