Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fall Trend Report: Shoes and Accessories

This season, tribal and African themes are seen in jewelery. Look for feather details, thick, wooden beading, animal print, and bold necklaces. Thick belts, as well as woven belts are popular as well. Animal print and snake-skin dominate accessories as well, including handbags. Statement scarves are also a fall staple! When it comes to shoes, look for leather and suede, animal print, snake-skin, the shoe boot, wool-like fabric boots, velvet flats, rustic/chunky shoes, studs, and muted pink feminine touches. Staples include the shoe boot, high structured boots, animal print pumps and embellished flats.


  1. great graphic and summary! I also featured those aldo boots on my blog, I bought the last pair in Montreal a week ago! They were gorgeous! and the concealed wedge gives a good 3 inches. I'm glad the whole "tough" trend is moving away from studs and into military. I'm all studded out. Especially military minimalism.


  2. too sweet! can I just ask how you found my blog? I'm trying to figure out the most effective method to reach my target market :)

  3. Oh my god, you can create your own shoes?!?! I am going to lose so much time on this site. I am always in search of my dream shoe that nobody seems to make.


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